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The mission of the Maryland State Athletic Directors Association (MSADA) is to develop, enhance and promote the educational values of interscholastic athletics.  The MSADA serves its members by providing resources to develop and enhance leadership skills and to offer opportunities for professional growth.  Working under the direction of the NIAAA, the MSADA seeks to enhance the professional growth and development of current and aspiring athletic administrators in the State of Maryland.


The Maryland State Athletic Directors Association (MSADA) was founded in 1976 to provide a professional organization in Maryland for interscholastic athletic administrators.  Interscholastic athletic programs continue to expand to the extent that an exchange forum is needed to professionally assist athletic administrators.

The principal activities currently conducted by MSADA are the distribution of three issues of the newsletter, the planning and implementation of the state conference.


The services performed by the association include:

  1. Professional development for athletic administrators

  2. Positional statement on current athletic issues

  3. Forum for exchange of professional literature and ideas

  4. Public relations source for promotion of athletics

  5. Promote ethical standards in interscholastic sports

  6. Promote sportsmanship in athletics


The main sources of income for the MSADA are membership dues, professional and corporate sponsorships and conference exhibitors’ fees.  The association’s chief expenses are graphic designing of the three newsletters, the association’s liability insurance, the tax preparation, the conference, including the expenditures for the facilities, meals and services and the expenses for sending representatives to section and national professional conferences and meetings. The MSADA is dedicated to the improvement of interscholastic athletic programs in Maryland.  We are a non-profit organization.  Tax-exempt paperwork on file, available upon request.

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